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What Truck Driving Companies Accept Ex-Felons?


Now, there are many jobs available for felons in the world. The trucking is the suitable job for felons. It is a great chance for them to get the better job from the reputable company. Trucking companies also offer 2nd-chances to them.

Tips on Overcoming Job Search Depression

Depression in Your Job Search

A few weeks ago I went to go hear Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute, speak at Graceworks . This is a man who is regarded around the world as THE job search expert. I had bought his book right out of college but hadn’t really spent… Read more >

How to Write a Great Resume

Writing a Good Job Resume

The resume should be as brief as possible and only show the highlights of the applicant’s qualifications. Since most employers also require a hand written job application, some of the minute detail will be included in the application. A potential employer may become disinterest in a lengthy resume filled with… Read more >

Job Interview Tips for Women

Tips for Women

Although women have the same legal rights when applying for a job, gender discrimination and bias are still a reality in many workplaces. With adequate preparation, appropriate attire, and an understanding of their legal rights, however, women do not have to be a victim of sex discrimination in interviewing process…. Read more >