What Truck Driving Companies Accept Ex-Felons?


Now, there are many jobs available for felons in the world. The trucking is the suitable job for felons. It is a great chance for them to get the better job from the reputable company. Trucking companies also offer 2nd-chances to them.

The felons are trouble to find the best jobs because of their past mistakes and others. If you are a felon, you cannot miss this opportunity and improve the career in a better way. The truck driving is a viable option for the felons and gains more payment. The company provides the second chance to make an ideal employment opportunity with the criminal background.

Some company appoints the felon with no experience and other hires if they have DUI record. They cannot ask the past details about them and other. On the other hand, they also make the background checks and get the deep idea about their past. It is a necessary concern for the trucking companies. If you hire the felon for your company, you cannot hide anything and honestly hire the person. You can give an opportunity to them that improve their lifestyle and enjoy the life of the family members and friends.

The main thing

It is possible to gain the job with the felony. Based on the recent conviction, the company hires the felony. They can consider the age of the felony, past work history, driving record and much more things play a vital role in the decision. The company keeps an eye to hiring ex-felons like graduation from the recognized driving schools, standard employment background checks, driving experience and other details. There are few things that felons should keep in mind to find the suitable job for them. It can also help them to avoid the mistakes and improves the work sincerity to do the work in a perfect manner without any disturbance. The felons search the best job that offered by the trucking company. They give more offers to hold the job. The main reason for hiring the felons as a truck driver is due to the shortage of the truck drivers in the company.

Enhance the chance

You can fill the application honestly and provide the criminal background during the application process. The companies are acquired by the federal motor carrier safety administration to make the in-depth background check. This is also called as the pre-employment screening. It comes up with the criminal, employment, driving record and address of the person. You cannot hide anything in the application and provide the necessary details asked in the application form. With the help of the application, they make the sense to hire felons. They take many things into account while recruiting the person. It gives the great benefit to shine in other areas and pursue the good paying jobs. You can ensure to send the application completely and filled it properly. You cannot keep up the reckless driving conviction.

Companies Hiring Now

Below are some of the companies that are hiring now. You can find the full list of the trucking companies that hire felons onĀ Felon Friendly.

  • J. B. Hunt
  • Roehl Transport
  • Tennant Truck Lines
  • Swift Transportation
  • U.S. Xpress