How to Write a Great Resume

Writing a Good Job Resume

The resume should be as brief as possible and only show the highlights of the applicant’s qualifications. Since most employers also require a hand written job application, some of the minute detail will be included in the application. A potential employer may become disinterest in a lengthy resume filled with irrelevant information. For this reason, the resume should not exceed two pages.

There are some specific components that should be included in every resume. There may also be certain sections that are more specific to the type of job opening. This article looks at specific sections that you should include in a resume. Let’s look at the first mandatory section of a professional resume.

Writing and Creating a Professional Resume Heading

The first part of a resume is the heading. The heading should start with the word “Resume” and should be underlined, in bold text or in italic. Next comes the applicants name, address, phone number and an optional email address should be listed with a space after the word “Resume”. The heading can be centered or left justified. As an example

  • Resume
  • John Robert Smith
  • 13423 Evergreen Street
  • Mayberry, NY 10987
  • Cell: (801) 555-1293
  • Home: (801) 555-0928

It’s much more professional to use the entire applicant’s name, including the middle name. The only portion that should be abbreviated is the state or providence. Make sure the phone number(s) listed has a voice mail or answering machine in case the phone can’t be answered.

Writing the Employment History for a Resume

Employment history is another section that should always be included. If the work history experience coincides with the job opening, it’s best to use a heading of “Professional Experience”. This heading should also be underlined, in bold text or italic. and aligned with “Resume” heading (left justified or centered). This section should be done in chronological order with the most recent employment listed first. The information is:

  • date range of employment (month and year)
  • position title
  • company name
  • company city and state

Under each listed prior employer, the resume may include a brief description of job duties and responsibilities. A better method, in order to keep the resume brief, is to describe job duties and responsibilities in a separate section.

Listing Education on the Job Resume

If the applicant has any education above the high school level, it should be listed under an “Education” heading, with the same premises as the other headings. Higher education should be listed even if it doesn’t coincide with the job opening because it displays discipline and commitment. The minimum that should be listed is the type of degree, institutions name and any honors designation. As an example,


  • BBA, Management and Marketing, Greenville University, Cum Laude
  • AA, Business Management, Mayberry City College

Besides the mandatory headings, there are other optional sections of a resume you should iclude to highlight an applicant’s qualifications. Writing a cover letter is also an option that can further emphasis an applicants qualifications. A cover letter can also help keep the resume brief and to the point.